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2022 Conference Portfolio Showcase

Austin SCBWI Writers & Illustrators Working Conference 2022



See the final 2022 Portfolio Gallery here!

The Portfolio Showcase offers illustrators a chance to display their work to faculty and conference attendees. Portfolios will be on display online during the Austin SCBWI Writers & Illustrators Working Conference April 30-May 1, 2022, open for viewing by all conference attendees and faculty. Portfolios in the Showcase are eligible for awards and the winners of which will be announced at the end of the day Saturday. Entrants to the Showcase are automatically signed up for the Emerging Voice Illustrator Mentor Award. If you do not wish to be considered for the mentorship, choose that option at registration.

To be included in the Portfolio Showcase, you must sign up for it when you register for the conference. It’s free this year! When you sign up, you are automatically entered into the judging for the Showcase winners. If you do NOT want to be included in the judging, please check that box in your registration. If you have already registered for the conference and would like to add the Showcase to your registration, please email Regional Advisor Samantha M Clark.

A jury of industry professionals will select the Grand Prize Winner and two Honors Winners. The Grand Prize Winner will receive a year’s membership to SCBWI, a $100 art supply gift certificate and the opportunity to design the banner for the SCBWI Austin website, enewsletter and Facebook Community Water Cooler. That illustrated banner will be on display for the following year and included in a gallery of past headers going forward. The winning illustrator will be promoted along with their artwork, including links to their website. The two Honors Winners will receive gift certificates to an art supply store.


Portfolios for the showcase will be hosted on Google Photos. Instructions for setting up your Conference Portfolio are here.  An email inviting you to Google Photos to set up your portfolio will be sent out one month before the Conference. If you do not receive an email from us by April 10, 2022, please email Illustrator Coordinator Laura Fisk.

Portfolios must all be uploaded by midnight, April 29, 2022.


There will be a dedicated Portfolio Showcase Landing Page with links to illustrators’ full galleries. On the landing page, you may include a link to your personal website, a link to a book dummy, as well as three images that will appear under your name (these will link to your full personal gallery). All illustrator showcase attendees must upload a link to their personal website along with three images to using this form by 5 pm, April 25, 2022.

Landing Page images should be three images selected from your personal gallery and resized to 200 pixels tall. Horizontal images may be wider, but no taller.

– Gallery images should be jpeg or png files with an sRGB color profile (do NOT save as CMYK). Images should be no larger than 2000 pixels along either edge. Try to keep your images under 6mb if you can.

If you need help resizing your images for the web, you can click here to read more about it.

Your portfolio should contain no more than 10-15 representational pieces of your BEST artwork. (The max of 15 does not include section dividers)

If you would like to submit a book dummy to be displayed alongside your portfolio (these are NOT for critiques, viewing ONLY!), please do so using this form to upload dummy in PDF format. Dummies will be linked from the Portfolio Showcase landing page and hosted via Google Docs for the duration of the conference, after which they will be removed. Dummies submitted for the showcase will be viewable to everybody. PDFs should be no larger than 25 mb. The deadline for links to dummies is midnight, April 25, 2022. This gives us time to get your dummies up on the website in time for the conference.

Plan to bring promotional postcards if you’d like to the in-person Saturday night social to hand out to fellow illustrators and local faculty.  We also will be including a link to your website on the Portfolio Showcase Landing page.

The winners of the Showcase and Emerging Voice Mentorship will be announced during closing announcements on Saturday.

QUESTIONS? – If you have additional questions about the Portfolio Showcase, please email Illustrator Coordinator Laura Fisk.

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