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Children's Book Writers
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Getting feedback on your work is an important part of the creative process for both writers and illustrators. Feedback helps us to grow as artists, in technique and in confidence, and it helps us get our work ready for publication, both traditionally and self-publishing.

Austin SCBWI offers a number of resources for helping members get feedback on their work. Click on the options below for more details. (Critique events are for current members of SCBWI only. If you are not a member and would like to join, click here.)

Open Critique Groups

Any SCBWI member can attend the Open Critique Groups. Click for the Open Critique Groups.

Critique Partner Registry

SCBWI members can find others who are looking for critique partners or trying to form groups and/or submit their own details for others to find them. These can be online groups or in-person. Click for the Critique Partner Registry or to submit a request.

SCBWI Discussion Boards

SCBWI’s Blueboards have threads where SCBWI members can request critique partners and respond to requests. These critique partnerships are usually online only. Click for the SCBWI Blueboards.