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Lindsay Leslie releases new picture book

Black-and-white author headshot of Lindsay Leslie smiling and looking to the right against a wood-panel/siding backgroundCongratulations to Lindsay Leslie, Assistant Regional Advisor of the Austin SCBWI chapter, on the upcoming release of her fourth picture book, So You Want to Build a Library!  The story turns readers into architects as they imaginatively design the library of their dreams. The book, illustrated by Aviel Basil and published by Capstone, will hit shelves on August 15th.

The idea for a book about a wildly imaginative library was sparked a few years ago by a third-grader, a friend of Lindsay’s son.  When building design consultants who were going to be renovating their school’s library asked the class for ideas, he raised his hand and said the library should have a hot tub.  Now, Lindsay has dedicated the story to him.  “He was thrilled and excited that I remember him telling me the story about what he would put in a library,” Lindsay says.The cover of 'So You Want to Build a Library' features a girl holding books and a rolled-up chart paper, surrounded by numerous human and animal characters, mostly with books, all on a grassy landscape against a backdrop of green hills and blue sky.  “Also, I can’t wait for everyone to see the wonderful, vibrant, and hilarious illustrations Aviel Basil created!  He really captured the ‘go wild with your imagination’ aspect of the story.”

Lindsay adds, “For the writers out there, I approached this story in the second person.  I like writing in different POVs and switching it up book to book, as long as it serves the story, of course.  I wanted the reader to feel like they were in the driver’s seat with this one, so second person worked perfectly.  I want every reader to step away from the book wondering, ‘What would I put in my library?'”