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Jarrett and Jerome Pumphrey release new picture book

Congratulations to Austin SCBWI members Jarrett and Jerome Pumphrey, Cover of 'The Old Boat,' featuring a boy with a sideways cap smiling on a green and white fishing boat against a yellow sky; visible underneat in the grey water is a curving school of multicolored fish as well as plants and coral in a slope of underwater white sand.brothers and creators of the widely acclaimed picture book The Old Truck, on the publication of their second picture book, The Old Boat! It tells the story of a boy who learns the wonders of the ocean while sailing a fishing boat with his grandmother. As the boy grows up and begins sailing on his own, he discovers the pollution further offshore and decides to clean up the waters he calls home.

Jarrett Pumphrey

Jerome Pumphrey

In reflecting on the inspiration for the story, Jarrett and Jerome write, “Like a lot of our work, The Old Boat was largely inspired by our family. Specifically, when we were kids, our grandmother on our dad’s side took us on these fishing trips to Galveston. She’s the one that taught us to appreciate the ocean as the incredible resource it is. And then there’s our grandfather on our mom’s side. He had an old boat he stored in his driveway for much of our childhood. We sailed around the world in that thing many times over without ever leaving the driveway. Our grandfather spent hours watching us play in that boat and eventually gave it to us so we could take it out to the real ocean. Those experiences—and others not so directly connected—inspired The Old Boat.

The Old Boat was released by Norton Young Readers on March 2 and has garnered a starred review from Kirkus Reviews.