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Christina Soontornvat releases new picture book and chapter book

Congratulations to Austin SCBWI member Christina Soontornvat, who had two new books come out in June!Author portrait of Christina Soontornvat

The first, Slush Puppy Love (released on June 2nd by Scholastic), is the fifth book in the Diary of an Cover of "Diary of an Ice Princess: Slush Puppy Love" featuring two girls sliding down a winding ice slide holding small dogs.Ice Princess chapter book series.  In this installment, Princess Lina uses her Winterheart magic to transform a snow sculpture into a pet dog for her best friend, but then accidentally lets the snow dog run loose at her school. Christina says, “This book was inspired by my children’s deep and incessant desire for a dog! We have a cat and we aren’t going to be getting a dog anytime soon, so it was nice to have Princess Lina magically conjure one up!”

The second book, Simon at the Art Museum (released on June 9th by Atheneum Books for Young Readers), is a picture book about art and seeing the world with new eyes. It follows Simon as he navigates a surprising and ultimately inspiring first visit to an art museum. The idea for the book emerged when Christina was visiting her favorite art museum with her “very squirrely toddler.”

Cover of "Simon at the Art Museum," featuring a small boy eagerly trying to escape from his mother's grasp as she and her husband gaze at a painting (within which are the words "Simon at the Art Museum"). Christina recalls, “I had big plans for her to see and appreciate EVERYTHING in the entire museum. In the end, she ended up connecting with just one [art piece] – but that felt like such a magical moment. It really made me think about what art is, how it impacts us, and how each of us responds differently to different pieces of art.”  Simon at the Art Museum has garnered a starred review from School Library Journal.