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New Illustrator Coordinator Rivkah LaFille

Rivkah LaFille

Austin SCBWI has a new Illustrator Coordinator! Please join us in welcoming Rivkah LaFille to this role!

Rivkah is a long-time volunteer for our chapter, helping to run a critique group, sketch meetups, our conference portfolio showcase, as well as giving our chapter’s leadership team feedback on what our illustrators need. She was even awarded Volunteer of the Year this year! We’re excited to welcome her into this new role and look forward to her providing wonderful leadership for all our members and especially our illustrators.

Our former Illustrator Coordinator, C.S. Jennings, said this about Rivkah:

“If you’ve had any interaction with our chapter as an illustrator, there’s a high likelihood you’ve encountered Rivkah Lafille. Whether running the portfolio showcase at our annual conference, a portfolio or WIP review after a monthly meeting, or at one of our sketch nights—she has been a consistent presence.

“For me, as Illustrator Coordinator of the chapter, she’s been a constant support. Eager to assist. Ready with insight and feedback on programming and development. Right there with me at events, organizing and putting things together—getting the job done. She’s a key volunteer for our chapter and it’s no accident she won the Meredith Davis Award this year.

“I was so happy that she applied for the position of the new IC for our chapter. Not only for the reasons above, but because she has a passion for our community. She has extensive experience in publishing and keeps her eyes on the trends. Constantly self-educating, she knows where the industry has been and has a good bead on where it’s going. She’s equipped to take up the mantle of career and craft development.

“Finally, and this is a key value for me when I consider this position—she believes in you. She knows a career illustration and storytelling is a journey. She’s a cheerleader for all of us wherever we are.

“There has been a lot of growth in our chapter’s illustrator community. If you’re not involved, you’re missing out by not attending our sketch nights, monthly meetings, webinars and conferences. Rivkah’s talked to me about her ideas and plans. Working with Samantha and Gayleen, I have nothing but confidence that she’s the right person to help our chapter to continue to grow.”

Here’s a message from Rivkah: “It feels strange stepping into the shoes of CS Jennings. In the years since I first became an SCBWI member, I have watched our illustrator community flourish and grow. I hope that I am up to the task of keeping that going!

“Pursuing what we love is never easy, but having a supportive, welcoming community makes it just a bit easier. I will always put my best effort into making sure our members feel welcome, are appreciated, and have access to the tools that give them the ability to pursue their careers and their dreams!”

Austin SCBWI Regional Advisor Samantha M Clark said, “Rivkah has so much passion not only for illustrating but also for illustrators, which is what we need in this position. Our leadership team is here to help our members grow their creativity, craft and career, and I feel confident that Rivkah will do wonderful things for our chapter. I’m so happy she’s volunteering her time and energy. Our chapter will continue to grow with her help.”

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