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March Meeting: Author P.J. Hoover

Ten Tips to Make the Most of Your [Critique] Submission

(“Oh, No…Not Another Top Ten!”)

With this humorous subtitle, P.J. Hoover set the stage for her lively presentation at our March meeting. She is the author of multiple novels, including Tut: The Story of My Immortal Life series and the forthcoming The Hidden Code.

As former Assistant Regional Advisor for our chapter, and current conference critique coordinator, P.J. Hoover has a wealth of knowledge to share.

She urged attendees to address a variety of potential issues with their manuscript, from voice and dialogue to backstory and even the basic like grammar and formatting.

For the synopsis: make it one page only.

How to Submit Pages for Manuscript Critique at the Austin 2019 Writers & Illustrators Working Conference

Email your properly formatted pages before midnight Central time on April 13, 2019.