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Author Deanna Roy Launches Final Book in Magic Mayhem Trilogy

web-elektra-chaos-coverSix-time USA Today bestselling author Deanna Roy launched ELEKTRA CHAOS, the final book in her Magic Mayhem trilogy. In ELEKTRA CHAOS, a ten-year-old girl who prides herself on her bad-girl image discovers her destructive magical power now only works as a force for good.


When Roy’s daughter was six, she had her first seizure. “She was such a bright happy child, and it was like the lights went out for a while,” Roy said. “She struggled in school, zoning out, and fell behind. She went from this fearless kindergartner who would stand on a bench and lead all the girls in silly songs to a first grader afraid to go to the bathroom alone.”


Roy’s daughter is fourteen now. Her seizures go in and out of being controlled, depending on the current mediation, dosage, and her growth spurts. When Roy started writing a series of books for children with physical, emotional, and learning disabilities, she knew the last story would be about her daughter and would feature a young girl with epilepsy. “Elektra Chaos was Elizabeth from the beginning. By the time I got to the third book in the series, we had a lot of years of struggle, success, and failure to draw upon for the story,” Roy said.


But Roy didn’t want the book to be about epilepsy itself. She had something special in mind for Elektra Chaos. “I wanted Elektra to be a so-called ‘bad guy’ who finds herself suddenly only able to do good works," Roy said. "That uncomfortable push and pull of wanting one thing and getting another was at the core of how she was living with epilepsy. So I gave her struggle a bigger story.”


Elektra Chaos releases on March 10, 2017 in hardcover, paperback, and electronic format from Spellbound River Press.