Austin SCBWI Members Represent at the 2016 Texas Book Festival

The list of 2016 Texas Book Festival authors is out! Congrats to Austin SCBWI members Chris Barton (88 INSTRUMENTS, WHOOSH!), Donna Janell Brown (STEP RIGHT UP: HOW DOC AND JIM TAUGHT THE WORLD ABOUT KINDNESS), Bethany Hegedus (BE THE CHANGE: A GRANDFATHER GHANDI STORY), Cynthia Levinson (WATCH OUT FOR FLYING KIDS!), Carmen Oliver (BEARS MAKE THE BEST READING BUDDIES), Christina Soontornvat (THE CHANGELINGS), Emma Virjan (PIG IN A WIG) and Brian Yansky (UTOPIA, IOWA). The Texas Book Festival will be Nov. 5 and 6 and the Texas Teen Book Festival will be Oct. 1. See you all there.